Health Guarantee

Here, we take our responsibilities regarding the health and wellbeing of your puppy very seriously.  

All of our puppies visit a qualified, registered veterinarian at least twice prior to their delivery where they are health-checked, tested, fully vaccinated, de-wormed, implanted with an ISO-compliant microchip and treated to prevent parasites.  

​No other puppy provider/breeder in our area goes to the lengths we do to ensure that you receive your puppy in perfect health.


Your puppy will come fully vaccinated (appropriate for their age) and de-wormed by a veterinarian. The vaccination booklet will record when the next vaccination booster is due.


Your puppy will undergo a full physical examination, take antigen tests for parvovirus and coronavirus and have a fecal microscopy examination (to check for the presence of protozoa/parasites, worm eggs, bacterial activity) 


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