About Us

New litter home Breed pom was founded out of the need to provide an ethical and convenient alternative to enable dog lovers in US to find world-class purebred puppies. 

Too often we have seen horrific breeding practices in this part of the world; dominated by pet markets and commercial puppy farms where they are over bred, often too young, and puppies are unhealthy and brought up in sub-standard living conditions. They are usually separated from their mother too early resulting in all sorts of health conditions, a lower quality of life and a shorter life span. 

we believe in the ethical treatment of animals and insist that dog breeding must be carried out in the most humane manner possible.  We will never deal with commercial puppy farms under any circumstances. 


We are trying to have extensive network of Fédération Cynologique Internationale affiliated Kennel Club breeders, small family breeders and breed enthusiasts.We personally visit other breeders puppy's where we learn and examine the living conditions, verify the health and wellbeing, and confirm the temperament, appearance and breed standards of their dogs.  We are constantly travelling to international dog shows, renewing old acquaintances and making new ones!

Prior to delivery, all of our puppies visit a qualified veterinarian, at least twice, where they are fully vaccinated, de-wormed, implanted with an ISO-compliant microchip. All of our puppies are certified healthy; the new owner will receive the original, signed veterinary report.


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